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Warc Webinar: True Implicit vs. Fast Explicit

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Olson Zaltman consumer neuroscience advisor Dr. Andrew Baron will be presenting along with a panel of other Implicit Response specialists in the last webinar of the Warc Webinar: Neuromarketing series. 

This webinar will discuss Implicit Response testing in detail - it will help clients and interested parties to better understand the different approaches to measuring Implicit response and the pros and cons of the differing approaches.

Implicit response testing represents a very exciting new testing capability, but the terminology and differing perspectives from experts can be quite confusing. Perspectives will be provided by these specialists in this area and will cover a mix of academicscientific and technological viewpoints and inputs on different practical applications.

The webinar will be led by Thom Noble, CEO, Founder of NeuroStrata, the Independent Consultancy in Consumer Neuroscience.