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Webinar: Finding the Unconscious Drivers of Customer Behavior for CDC Gaming Seminars

Finding the Unconscious Drivers of Customer Behavior: 

An overview of neuroscience and other advanced marketing tools to understand your customers at the deepest level.

 Presented by Lindsay Zaltman, Partner & CEO, Olson Zaltman for CDC Gaming Seminars


Partner & CEO of Olson Zaltman, Lindsay Zaltman, will be presenting a webinar for CDC Gaming Seminars to help the Casino/Gaming Industry navigate the ever-changing world of marketing and the human mind.

Are you struggling to find new insights about your core customer? Are you searching for more effective ways to attract your competitors’ customers? Or, perhaps you’re working on how to attract a whole new segment, like Millennials?

Ask yourself, do you really understand customers’ deepest needs and desires that are so vital to your company’s success?

If you answer no to this last question, you’re not alone. Most marketers still use obsolete models of consumer behavior and outdated research tools to try to understand their customers.

No longer are traditional tools like focus groups and web surveys enough. Advances in technology and the mind sciences have changed the marketing research landscape. We now have the opportunity to use more powerful tools based on neuroscience that truly get inside our customers’ minds.


In this webinar, we’ll show you:

  • What the new models of consumer behavior are and why there is a need to understand your customers more deeply.

  • The latest tools being used in the marketing world now, including brain scans, facial recognition software and eye tracking equipment to name a few.

  • How to assess when to use these tools and, more importantly, which tools have potential and which do not.

  • The questions you need to ask to marketing research rms to nd out if they are truly experts or charlatans.


This seminar is intended for:

  • Customer experience professionals

  • Innovation or new product/service professionals

  • Marketing or marketing research professionals

  • General managers