Jessica Kukreti

Head of Innovation

814. 883. 8762


Jessica is a passionate qualitative researcher who champions the behavioral sciences. With an eye towards the future of research, she drives a pilot spirit in how emerging and agile methodologies can be adapted to increase efficiency, empower analysis and insights, engage cross functional stakeholders, and ultimately overcome cognitive bias so teams can truly understand the complex hearts and minds of consumers.

She has been invited to speak on her research at national conferences and summits. Recent engagements include: 

The Qualitative Research Consultants Association: Artificial Intelligence Tools to Empower Human Qualitative Researchers (2017)
The White House, under President Barack ObamaA Research Agenda for the next Decade (2016)
NEMOAGetting a Read on Millennials: What They’re Thinking and Buying and Emoji: Our Next Language (2015)
FUSE Design, Culture, Brand Identity & PackagingInside the DIY Handmade Revolution (2014)

She been with Olson Zaltman for 13 years. Prior, her academic pursuits were interdisciplinary across sociological, anthropological, and gendered study pedagogies. Her research and areas of interest delved into the often unspoken elements of the human experience and culture; with a deep inquiry into societal gender norms, perceptions and attitudes in a historical content analysis of taboo and symbolic images in popular press.