Miranda García

Senior Insight Associate | Manager of Global Partnerships

412. 288. 9790 ext. 109


Miranda is fascinated by the study of culture and identity, a passion she's pursued across six continents. Her anthropological research, ranging from the White Mountain Apache tribe in Arizona to the valley community of Vitor, Peru, culminated in Little Havana, Miami, where she explored material culture and collective nostalgia in Cuban-American culture. In all her work she was drawn by the ubiquity and sheer power of social memory and consciousness.   

She's excited to apply and further develop her knowledge of human behavior and identity as a Research Associate with Olson Zaltman, bringing her talent for interpersonal insight to marketing. Miranda graduated with honors from the University of Chicago in 2013, with a BA in Anthropology and a minor in Art History. She is fluent in French, Spanish, and Spanglish.