Sasha Aquino

Senior Insight Associate

A child of the rustbelt, Sasha started out her career running an 88 ton metal injection mold near her hometown of Cleveland, OH - dreaming of the day she could finally merge her love for both art and science. She received her Bachelors of Science in Bioengineering from the University of Toledo, where she was a founding member of the Engineering Leadership Institute and received her University's Co-Op Recognition Award for completing over a year of full time research in academia and industry while earning her degree. 

Before joining Olson Zaltman, Sasha specialized in filling the innovation pipeline for some of the most trusted personal care brands in the world. Her R+D and product development experience ranges from qualitative and quantitative consumer research to prototyping, test method development, and first of a kind material creation. With a strong belief that qual and quant exist as two sides of the same coin, Sasha holistically leverages her experience in innovation to uncover the hidden knowledge of the consumer mind for Olson Zaltman. When she's not conducting ZMET interviews in field or wrangling insights decks, you'll find her painting, unearthing vintage treasures, or cosplaying at your local comic con.