What brands can learn from Vin and Kim

The Wall Street Journal has some social media advice for Corporate America.  The advice: learn from celebrities.

Celebrities who use social media effectively follow five key strategies:

1—Every platform is different. Instagram and Twitter, for instance, are very different platforms that are suited for different kinds of communication. Rihanna’s photos on Instagram are much more glamorous than her videos on Snapchat, which tend to be more grainy and gritty.

2—Don’t disappear. High-profile celebrities post on Instagram three times more often than the average brand.

3—Keep tabs on your followers. Taylor Swift is well known for replying directly to followers, which has built considerable goodwill.

4—Don’t be overly promotional. Vin Diesel, who has 95 million likes, uses Facebook to talk about various aspects of his personal life. Oreo is one brand that has stood out in social media with its whimsical takes on current events.

5—Craft a narrative. Beyonce released a surprise album on Facebook in 2013. Tesla used social media to push back against news reports that its cars were unsafe.

With some notable exceptions, brands struggle to produce engaging social media content. Great fodder for inspiration here.