Behind Coca-Cola's new look

I missed this when it first hit the news a few months ago, so better late than never…

Coca-Cola has unveiled new packaging. You probably have seen this on your store shelves, but the company apparently is experimenting with different options in different parts of the world, including an interesting new look in Spain, which is pictured above and featured in this Fast Company article.

This goes deeper than the cosmetic look of the can. Coke is overhauling its brand architecture. For a while Coke’s three main sub-brands have stood for different things – original Coke has been about happiness, Diet Coke/Coke Light has had a fashion-oriented positioning, and Coke Zero’s communication has focused on the idea of “everything is possible.”  However, consumers were confused about what these individual brands stood for, so Coca-Cola is returning to a master brand strategy.