The Starbucks of tea?

Fast Company explains how DAVIDsTEA is making tea cool.

The chain already has more than 150 stores in the US and Canada, but it went public in June and is planning a significant expansion.

The article talks a lot about how they select their unique collection of teas, but it also describes how they have built a unique brand.  As the co-founder, David Segal, says, “We didn’t want people to feel like they had to whisper in our stores.”  Unlike the stereotypical mom & pop tea shop, DAVIDsTEA stores are stylish, bright, and colorful, with a clean-looking teal and white motif.

DAVIDsTEA doesn’t advertise, opting instead to get the word out via PR and local community events like tastings, farmers’ markets, and street fairs. They also are very engaged in social media, responding directly and personally to as many customer conversations as possible.  

The Starbucks of tea?  Maybe someday.