2015's best mobile campaigns

Happy New Year!

A bit of housekeeping from the end of last year was the release of the Mobile Marketing Association’s 2015 Global Smarties Trends Report. It illustrates six trends that defined mobile marketing in the past year.  Lots of very compelling case studies and food for thought in the report.

Some of our favorites include:

·         Campaigns that utilize mobile to deepen the personal relationship with the audience: Sunsilk, a hair care brand in Vietnam, created a visual dictionary – “The Language of Hair” --  that interprets the meaning behind every touch of the hair. It was very popular with young women and helped the brand differentiate within a largely commoditized category.

·         Interactivity and co-creation super-charged by social. Of course, there is the landmark Ice Bucket Challenge.  Also, Foot Locker’s “Horse with Harden” campaign invited basketball fans to create trick shots that NBA star James Harden had to copy.  It had a potential reach of 61 million people, and Foot Locker’s subscriber rate on YouTube jumped 300% during the campaign.

·         Evolving the brand message via Vines and microvideo: Gap’s “Spring is Weird” campaign was a 12-part microseries (all episodes 15 seconds long) on Instagram. It focused on various spring moments, woven into a narrative, and cleverly illustrated the role Gap clothing could play in people’s lives during the season.