Wait a beat before you eat

As a result of being a father of two young children – and also as a result of years of squeezing “lunch” into a 30-minute window between ZMET interviews – I eat like a wild animal.  A meal has become something be devoured, not savored. Stopping for a moment to take a pic of my food certainly doesn’t enter into my thought process. 

Apparently, I am missing something. According to new research in the Journal of Consumer Marketing, taking pictures of your meal can make the meal seem tastier.  This is especially true of more indulgent meals, but can even be true of healthier meals under certain circumstances – like if you believe other people are also eating healthy meals.

This lines up with research conducted in 2013, which suggested that performing a short ritual before eating influences our evaluation of the food. The pause before consumption delays gratification, builds anticipation, and makes the food seem tastier.