In Times Square, follow your always knows

Kellogg faces somewhat of an existential business challenge – Millennials don’t eat much cereal.  So the company has been thinking about all kinds of ways to make plain, old dry cereal more interesting.

On Monday, the company opened an all-day cereal café – Kellogg’s NYC -- in New York’s Times Square.  The café serves $7.50 bowls of Kellogg’s cereal, spiced up with ingredients like lime zest, pistachios, marshmallows and thyme.

Do you really think people would pay $7.50 for a bowl of cereal?  Why, yes.  Yes they would.   

The way the cereal is served is also pretty cool. It comes out of red cabinets in grocery bags and includes prizes both small and, occasionally, large (like tickets to “Hamilton.”)  One of the café’s designers said, “We wanted to create these emotional references.”

What do think…is this idea “coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs” or is it “Gr-r-reat!”?