The Greenest Brands in America

In recognition of Earth Day, Brand Keys has released its list of the greenest brands in America

Being seen as green is much more difficult because so many brands are trying to send that message.  Therefore, consumer expectations are much higher. Indeed, last year 40 brands qualified as “green” according to Brand Keys.  This year it is just 25.

The list includes a lot of familiar names, but one that many may be unfamiliar with is the cosmetics brand Kiehl’s.  (They have been part of the L’Oreal Group since 2000.) 

The imagery on their website and the very simple, almost retro packaging (Kiehl’s began as a homeopathic pharmacy in 1851 and much of its packaging looks like it came out of time capsule from that era) may help to explain their inclusion on this list.  The brand is also known for its philanthropic activities, including support for HIV/AIDS research and environmental causes.