Founded in 1919. Still cool in 2018.

The global brand consultancy Prophet recently released its list of the Top 10 brands most relevant to Millennials.  The list contains a lot of the usual suspects such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Nike.  But there is one brand that jumps out – KitchenAid.

KitchenAid obviously isn’t a tech brand.  In fact, it is nearly 100 years old.  However, it has been quite skillful in how it has appealed to urban Millennials.

  • Product innovation. It’s Artisan Mini mixer is 20 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than regular KitchenAid mixers. This enables Millennials to experience feelings of nostalgia (using the same kind of mixer that they might have grown up with) via a product that also fits sensibly into their urban apartments, which often don’t have the space for a bulky, old-fashioned mixer.

  • Design. Starting in 2018, KitchenAid launched its Color of the Year. (This year is “Bird of Paradise,” which is kind of like coral.)  The color of the year has created some valuable PR, but even before that KitchenAid was known for its eye-catching, multicolored hues.

  • Social Media. KitchenAid has built its social media engagement by 85%, with a 143% leap in social interactions in one year.  The brand is highly interactive with consumers across its various social platforms, its content on YouTube is well-produced and engaging, and its photos on Instagram are eye-popping.

Kitchen appliances may not seem like a cool or cutting edge category, but KitchenAid has used some common sense principles to stand out among younger consumers.