Hacking packaging

Adweek recently discussed four ways Millennials and Gen Z are disrupting brands’ approach to packaging. In summary:

  • Packaging that reflects my values: Smirnoff’s “Love Wins” bottles celebrate LGBTQ pride and have been on the market now for two years. This year, the brand highlighted 34 real LGBTQ couples on its labels.

  • Brands that recognize me as an individual. In the UK, consumers can create personalized Kit Kat packaging and have the candy bars delivered to their door in a customized framable box.

  • I want brands to be playful and fun. Oreo’s Colorfilled initiative allowed consumers to create personalized cookies.

  • I want authenticity. Brands can now watermark packages so people know they are buying the genuine article and apps can bring packages to life, and offer evidence of the brand’s authenticity and uniqueness.

The article links to an Adweek webinar that talks more about how digital innovations have revolutionized packaging.