Baby got branding

Sometimes companies in the B2B space dismiss the importance of branding under the assumption that customers purchase just on price and quality and nothing else.

Big Ass Fans has a different approach.

This article discusses how Big Ass Fans has built a unique brand and unique company.  Yes, they have great products and they innovate relentlessly; their R&D facilities are second to none. However, they supplement that with an employee-friendly culture and distinctive branding.

This AdAge article specifically explores the company’s brand identity, which has helped it “build the kind of loyalty and word of mouth rarely seen in the normally staid industrial b-to-b marketplace.”  Across all touch points, Big Ass speaks with a consistently quirky brand voice, which really sets it apart.

As Alex Reed, the director of consumer product marketing, says, “Sometimes it is content that shows we're a fun company, that we like to enjoy what we're doing, and that we'll share some of that joy with you.”