There is a dog looking for you

Two great examples of how out-of-home marketing can generate interest and build brands. (These are not new cases, but they are new to us…and therefore perhaps new to you.)

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home is an animal rescue in the UK. To attract the attention of people who might want to adopt a pet, they handed out leaflets with an RFID tag. Whenever you passed a one of several billboards within a certain area, a sensor picked up your presence and played an ad with a dog that appeared to be following you. (A different ad would play depending on which direction you were walking.) The #LookingForYou campaign generated a 33% jump in site visits and 10x more leads than the rescue had dogs. 

In another example, Mercedes-Benz was trying to build its safety credentials, so it created an outdoor hologram designed to raise awareness of the dangers of blind spots. You see the signage from the front, and then when you walk beside it, there is a hologram of a man on a bicycle, in your virtual blind spot.