The Best of 2018

Welcome to 2019.  AdAge took a look back at the year gone by and compiled its list of the Top 10 ads of 2018.

At the top of the list is Nike for its Dream Crazy campaign, featuring Colin Kaepernick. Nike did what the NFL could not do -- or didn’t care to do -- which was to frame Kaepernick’s kneeling as a courageous assertion of principle rather than an anti-police or anti-American tantrum.

 Also on the list, an ad from 7-Eleven Norway billing the country as “The Land of Chlamydia” and urging tourists to purchase condoms at 7-Eleven. And a Tourism Australia spot, which used a Crocodile Dundee theme to promote the wonders of that nation.

Others featured include Libresse’s singing vulvas, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s “Welcome Home” video, and a hilarious takeoff on Super Bowl advertising from Tide.