The “Most Empowering” ads

OZ’s Joe Plummer sends along this review of the “most empowering” ads of Q3, according to Ace Metrix.

I am amazed at how Nike never seems to exhaust the wellspring of creative ideas tied to achievement.  They have three spots in the top 10 on this list, and they all are part of the brand’s “Sport Changes Everything” campaign.

“Justin Gallegos” stars a young distance runner with cerebral palsy.  “Maynor De Leon” is the story of a 700-pound man struggling to lose wright.  “Chantel Navarro” focuses on a young female boxer.

As is always the case, the hero of these ads is the consumer, not the shoe. And although the people in these ads don’t look like most of us and probably don’t have the same goals we do, it is still very easy to identify with their determination and see the role that the brand can play in our lives and in helping shape a small piece of our identity.