Photo credit: Business Wire

Photo credit: Business Wire

Old brand, new tricks

Increasingly, brands are trying to reach consumers in ways that go beyond traditional advertising. Tide laundry detergent is pretty good at this.

P&G has announced it is taking its mobile laundry service app nationwide after a successful run in selected test markets. You drop off your laundry in a Tide drop-box at your local supermarket or in the lobby of your apartment complex and then use the app to submit cleaning instructions. A local cleaner will pick up your stuff and the app will notify you when it is ready for pickup – washed, sorted, and folded for you.

Tide also is also known for its “Loads of Hope” program, which brings mobile laundromats to areas that have been devastated by natural disasters. It was an early adopter of the Amazon Dash button. And, in terms of more traditional marketing, its 2018 Super Bowl ads were a big hit.

Tide is an old-school brand in a prosaic category, but it has still figured out ways to keep its brand fresh and relevant for modern consumers.