It’s a blog post about a Tide ad

Excellent video from Mark Ritson of Marketing Week, who breaks down the evolution of the memorable series of “It’s a Tide Ad” spots that ran during the 2018 Super Bowl.

Tide was facing a challenge here. How to stand out when you are a long-standing dominant brand in a boring category where you can’t really see the product benefit.

The insights were twofold: 

  1. Other brands in the detergent category were obsessed in their communication with elimination of dirt, which is at the lower level of the benefit ladder. So, there was an opportunity to go higher on the ladder and focus on clean.

  2. People in advertising are all preternaturally clean. So, in a way, every ad is a Tide ad.

But topping it off, of course, is that the execution of these insights was funny, unexpected, and brilliant.

The is the first in a series of videos in which Ritson discusses, in detail, the thinking behind some of campaigns that have been recognized with Effie Awards over the last 50 years.