A California company called Namelab (which creates names for products and companies) has an informative blog called LabNotes in which they discuss news associated with linguistics and branding.

A recent entry discusses an analysis of the most-commonly used nouns in the English language.  The top 25 included time, person, year, way, day, thing, man, world, life, hand, part, child, eye, woman, place, work, week, case, point, government, company, number, group, problem, and fact.

The author muses, "What sort of Type A society is more concerned with time than any other thing?  If there were a discipline called 'social linguistics,' some enterprising grad student's thesis would make a case that in a healthier and happier society, apple and kiss would appear in the top 25.

Here is a link to the blog.  Lots of material on here to make you think.