Volvo Saved My Life

volvo_crash2 At OZA, we often describe how powerful stories can help build and maintain brand image.  Here is Exhibit A from Volvo’s website -- The Volvo Saved My Life Club.

At this link you can hear stories from Volvo drivers who were involved in horrific accidents, and see photos of the accident scenes.  The moral of all the stories is, “If not for my Volvo, I would be dead.”

Volvo has long stood for safety.  This “club” builds on that by creating a sense of community and also by illustrating Volvo’s safety with real-life vignettes that are extremely emotionally engaging.

Humans are natural storytellers.  We like telling stories -- and we like hearing them.  It is an elemental, basic form of human communication.  That's what makes storytelling such an effective marketing tool.