Leaving it all on the floor

PhotoofNewOregonarena_crop_340x234 College basketball fans currently are in the grip of March Madness.  According to the New York Times, the latest trend many university athletic departments have embraced, in an effort to define their brands, are splashy, customized designs stained onto the basketball floor (like the one above at the University of Oregon).

And Jerry’s Olson’s hometown school, Boise State, has long been known for the cornea-lacerating blue turf on its football field.

The trend might be expanding into professional basketball as well.  The Wall Street Journal reports the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn has a lighting system that is used only by the local NBA team, the Brooklyn Nets.  The lights supposedly created a “theater-like” effect for the fans (and maybe even put visiting long-range shooters at a disadvantage).