Sweat equity

we can do it man poster

A couple of years ago, James and his father-in-law built a large bookshelf.  It was his first experience with woodworking since ninth grade industrial arts class, but he  found that ending the day covered in sweat, sawdust, and Minwax felt quite satisfying.Perhaps this is why:

An upcoming article in the Journal of Consumer Research (summarized here) suggests that upper middle-class white-collar men who enjoy do-it-yourself jobs around the house are engaging in a blue-collar fantasy of physical labor and the creation of something tangible.

On the other hand, working-class men see DIY jobs as a way to feel like a better provider – they might not have a lot of money, but at least they can use their hands to provide a nicer home for their family.

Either way, DIY work is a way for men to feel like men, albeit in different ways.  We wonder what a study of do-it-yourselfer women would reveal?