Man up

2012124517masculinityHere is a blog post from David Measer of Crispin Porter + Bogusky about what he calls “The Changing Face of Masculinity.”

He uses examples from the past week in sports to illustrate three prevalent archetypes of American manhood:

• The Neanderthal • The Bro • The Revolutionary

As the author points out, most of us men (although we might have a little of the Bro and Neanderthal archetypes in us) are quite nuanced. In some ways, it seems that this probably has been the case but in 2014 it seems more acceptable even for jocks to show their more sensitive, cerebral side.

Advertising and media, though, seem to be still trying to catch up. Lots of ads still play off the “dumb dude” stereotype. Are there any brands that are leveraging insights into this more nuanced version of masculinity?