Gamify your workout

Peloton I have become mildly obsessed with the concept of gamification. Here’s a great example from a start-up called Peloton.

Exercising at home is dreadfully boring. People start out with good intentions but frequently don’t follow through because workouts can be so mind-numbing.

Peloton sells a stationary bike with an internet connection that links you to a virtual gym. You have an instructor, virtual classmates with whom you compete, real-time feedback, leaderboards, a sense of community, and the power to easily share your performance on social media – many of the elements that make for a great game.

They are targeting standard stationary bikes…but also secondarily boutique gyms, that often charge exorbitant rates. This is experience seems to be a better value (in the long run), more convenient, and more engaging than either of those experiences.

Here is a review of the Peloton experience.