Ovulation motivations

women In case you missed it when it was first published – a study from researchers at the University of Minnesota and University of Texas at San Antonio suggests that women change their economic behavior and need for status when they are ovulating.

Ovulating women were much less willing to share with other women, and in experiments were willing to make economic sacrifices in order to improve their status vis-à-vis other women. As this summary of the research explains:

"[W] omen indicated if they preferred to have a $25,000 car while other women got $40,000 cars (Option A) or have a $20,000 car while other women got $12,000 cars (Option B). The study found that ovulating women preferred Option B, choosing products that would give them higher standing compared to other women."

Interestingly, although ovulating women “played tougher” with other women, they were much more cooperative with men than were non-ovulating women.

The full article is available free until the end of February.