Keep on truckin' style


If you have a free 45 minutes or so, please consider investing it in this webinar from Peter Boatwright from Carnegie Mellon.

His book is called Built to Love, and it deals with why emotion is important to brand success, even in the B2B space.

One of his striking examples is from Navistar, maker of big rigs. They got an insight that truckers, despite their critical role in the economy, don’t get a lot of societal respect. So Navistar wanted to build a truck that conveyed the kind of status and respect that these people deserve.

The Lonestar truck is pretty amazing.  The interior resembles a private jet or a high-end, modern living room. When they unveiled the design at a truck show, truckers were lined up to get tattoos of the grill or the logo.  This for a truck they had never driven or even seen before. The design clearly made a big emotional impact.