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Olson Zaltman Launches Healthcare Specialty

Deep Metaphor Health Framework is First of its Kind

Pittsburgh, PA – June 21, 2018 Olson Zaltman, a pioneering marketing research firm, has launched a new healthcare specialty that will accelerate their client’s time to insights and reduce data noise for research projects related to health and wellness. 

The Deep Metaphor Health Framework, the first such unconscious and universal framework in the research industry, was established after Olson Zaltman conducted an exhaustive audit of more than 140 of its past healthcare-related studies. It can be applied to all aspects of health and wellness, including medical conditions from acne to zoster, across a variety of severities and patient segments. 

“Olson Zaltman has been generating deep insights for 20 years,” said Lindsay Zaltman, CEO, Olson Zaltman. “What we have discovered over this time is the mind has a single, universal orientation to health. Our new framework will provide our clients with an easy, fast way to access this deep reservoir of knowledge.” 

The new universal benchmark not only provides a clearer lens as to which actions are necessary to approach certain problems, but it empowers businesses to do so in a way that is relevant to a wide sector of healthcare specialties — from pharmaceutical product development and launch, foundational ethnographic research, and cutting-edge quantitative communication testing. 

The framework also integrates the unconscious emotions that drive decisions and behavior, which are often misunderstood or missed in health research entirely.  Emotions are powerful motivators, and their impact is doubly important in healthcare insights. Thus, the framework also integrates the impact that unconscious emotions have on decisions and behavior, which have been previously hard to capture in health research.

Over its 20-year history, Olson Zaltman has interviewed more than 1,700 people in the course of conducting 140-plus healthcare ZMET studies, covering 43 different health conditions.  Among the conditions and issues Olson Zaltman has worked on include: Breast cancer (Susan G. Komen), vaccination adoption (Merck) and smoking cessation (Pfizer).

About Olson Zaltman

Olson Zaltman was born out of Harvard with a mission that forever changed the marketing world, pioneering advances in social and mind sciences and applying it to branding. ZMET, the patented process for harnessing the power of the unconscious mind, revolutionized the entire industry and became the standard for deep insights.  

About ZMET

Developed by Dr. Gerald Zaltman at The Mind of the Market Lab at The Harvard Business School, it draws from scientifically established techniques in cognitive neuroscience, psychotherapy, psychology, and sociology. Unlike a focus group, a ZMET interview frees people to open up about deeply personal feelings that they might otherwise be reluctant to discuss, and to discover unconscious ways of thinking that they might not have been aware of.

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