Rethinking slots



Casino floors are huge and chaotic—Harrah's Las Vegas boasts 86,664 square feet of games and gambling. We engaged with Caesar's Entertainment Corp., owner of Harrah's, to create a consistent slot floor experience that systematically compressed costs, reduced complexity and improved guest satisfaction.


We conducted ZMET® interviews with existing slot floor customers about their "thoughts and feelings about the slot floor experience.”


The experience is an overwhelmingly emotional one for guests, but the floor is organized around functional departments. A major redesign of the roles and responsibilities of slot floor resources was needed to focus on the emotional connections between employees and guests.


"This rollercoaster reminds me of that excitement feeling, like when a roller coaster’s going up and then it’s getting ready to go over that edge.”

Participant quote


  1. Functional departments (Operations, Security, Personnel) were replaced with high-performance floor teams built around guests' needs.
  2. New guest-driven processes integrated real-time loyalty and marketing interventions designed to change guest behavior and increase share of wallet. 
  3. New organizational structures, training programs, measurement tools and compensation plans were developed.
  4. Pilot sites reported a significant increase in customer satisfaction scores and slot revenues. 
  5. Similar initiatives were launched at other Harrah’s properties and divisions (e.g., Food & Beverage, Table Gaming).

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