Our Process

Twenty years of experience in market research and consulting allows us to customize each project around our clients' individual goals. Once we understand your goals, we design your project using our suite of tools, which are underpinned by two proprietary methods.


Your Goals


Innovation is "the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods"—but how do you know what ideas to work on? We provide focus.


Brand is the sum of the relationships that drive your business. We help you understand and build those relationships.


Internal and external communications drive your marketing. We help you understand your stakeholders, so you can speak your best.




In-Depth Interviews

Our qualitative research is always one-on-one and in-depth. ZMET explores both conscious and unconscious thought, so we understand people at the deepest level possible.


We observe and interact with people in their most emotionally relevant environments, and combine that process with ZMET® methodology for deeper, more nuanced understanding.

Concept Development

ZMET Concept Development measures how effectively an execution resonates with people's unconscious emotional drivers, identifying the meaning people co-create when viewing it through their own psychological lens.


Implicit Association

Our Implicit Association Test (IAT) quantitatively measures how strongly people's thoughts are associated with key variables like your product, brand and communications. 

Insight Alignment

It's not enough to deliver the best research and insights; we cap each project with a workshop that integrates them into your existing understanding, and explores ways for you to put the new insights to use. 



Our Methods


ZMET® qualitatively elicits conscious and unconscious thoughts by exploring people's non-literal or metaphoric expressions.


IAT is a quantitative tool that measures the strength of the connections between thoughts and ideas.