We're committed to advancing market research through science. Our academic roots are reflected in the rigor with which we vet and develop our research tools. These approaches can be customized around each client's unique goals.





We believe that deep understanding yields perspective and empathy.


The best way to gain this understanding is by exploring the unconscious mind.


This understanding integrates knowledge and connects people to create a story.



This story empowers you to unlock valuable consumer insights and make effective decisions.


These decisions create measurable business impact through increased market responsiveness.



Our Story

As told by founding partner Jerry Olson


"In 1997, no one was studying the impact of recent advances in social and mind sciences on market dynamics. Jerry [Zaltman] and I were both excited to take our expertise beyond our respective academic settings, he at Harvard Business School and I at Penn State's Smeal College of Business. We wanted to bring the knowledge from those environments into the marketplace, to challenge the prevailing ideas in the market research and business communities, and we were ready to take big risks. We began applying what we knew about cognitive neuroscience to business goals like brand, innovation, and communications. We quickly had a full roster of top-tier clients, and Olson Zaltman was born."