Implicit Association TEST

Combined with ZMET®, or stand alone, IAT measures how strongly brand drivers such as attributes, emotions and metaphors are associated with variables like your brand, competitors' brands, positioning statements, package designs or advertisements. Understanding the strength of these associations enables marketers to carve out a unique position, choose which campaign or design to pursue and/or measure brand health over time. 

We understand that clients may consider several options when deciding to quantitatively measure consumers' implicit associations. Here, we provide some guidance offered by Dr. Andrew Baron, Olson Zaltman's Chief Neuroscience Officer, to help clients navigate this space and choose an approach that best meets their unique goals.



How it works

1.     IAT tests are typically conducted online.

2.     Mobile devices are supported.

3.     Each test lasts about 30 minutes.

4.     The number of associations tested are not restricted. 

5.     IAT can be deployed globally, including in regions where internet is not available or reliable.

6.     Our method design and analytic strategies adhere to cutting-edge guidelines published in academic journals. Our entire process is transparent and fully disclosed to clients.

7.     IAT can be combined with traditional explicit measures.

8.      For all studies, we provide critical guidance on interpreting statistical significance based on our database of global studies built over more than a decade of implicit association testing.

9.     Typical studies, from approval to deliverables, generally takes 4 weeks although in select cases this can be achieved in less time (2-3 wks).


"There is a unique advantage of using ZMET® insights to design our IAT projects—knowing which concepts to test makes the results infinitely more valuable."


Andrew Baron, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology and affiliate at the National Core for Neuroethics at the University of British Columbia and Olson Zaltman Chief  Neuroscience Officer